A little more information about my family:

My wife, Lisa Goldman, used to be an attorney at Sun Microsystems and, before that, at Heller Ehrman in Menlo Park. You can see a picture of her at a desk and floating in an inner tube.You can also read her 1996 article about caching on the Internet (written under the name Lisa Sanger).

My son, Jacob Goldman, was born November 18, 2002.

My mom, Gail Schlachter, runs her own company, Reference Service Press.

My sister, Sandra Hirsh, and brother-in-law, Jay Hirsh, work at Hewlett Packard.Unfortunately, I canít find any web-accessible information about them.

Iíve received a few requests for an updated picture of me.Hereís one from Epinions in 2000, at a party for our friends Alex Benn and Lara Williams, and one of me holding a slinky.

Thanks to Jayís digital camera, some pictures from Hanukah 2001: the entire family bedecked with Epinions goodies, a nice shot of Mom, Sandy, Lisa and the nieces, Leah squealing with delight as Grandma opens her gift, Jay and me with more Epinions goodies, Sandy and me with more Epinions goodies, and Lisa and me with the girls.


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